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The VORTEX TV Channel on RokuTV is the place where Real People in Real Time share their Real Authentic Stories on a platform that energizes new ideas and creates a ripple effect of attracting the necessary people, resources and opportunities needed to achieve their goals to help humanity and transform the world. Watch the video below to understand how the Channel appears on your Smart TV, next to Netflix, Plex, Spotify et.


The House of Influence is a retreat center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Julie Ann is the Owner and Host and interviews positive inspiring people who visit her retreat center to write books and share stories. 


Vortex TV is Here

Watch out for the first retreat that will be featured in full that captures the authors of the best selling book 'Therapist are Human Too' as they talk about their experience of writing their chapters and then training to market their books.  We will be showing the authors as they practice their speeches, get interviewed on the 'House of Influence' podcast show, showcase their chapters on the launch day of the book on zoom, and share their fears and concerns as their personal stories are exposed to the world on TV!

As well, our New Year shows that include;  The making of a speaker" Healing with Bowen Therapy' and the 'Women of Influence in Puerto Vallarta'.

Vortex TV LIVE

Have Your Very Own Show!

The VORTEX is the place where dreams come true, where ideas are given energy to build and grow and evolve, and pure positive energy fosters magic and miracles so that inspired action can take place. If you have an idea for a show or would like to join us at our retreat center, to co-create, contact us to discuss ideas.  You can have your own 30 minute episode to showcase your idea or business from only $1500 USD.  Join us on an existing retreat or create your own personalized retreat to work with Julie Ann. Email now to book your call.

For additional information on this opportunity CLICK HERE!

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